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village in the Pottapi-naJt slma, to prevent any attack upon
it irom Pulugula n&du which was included in the territory
of Yenkatapatiraya, the king of Oandragiri. Kondraju
Tirupatiraju paid a visit to IJtukur with the object of streng-
thening his hold on the whole of Pottapi-na^ slma. Venkata-
patiraya despatched an army under Mahamandalesvara Matla
Ellamaraja, the father of Tirumalaraja, in order to destroy
the fort erected by Kondraju Tirupatiraju at Utukur, seize
Pottapi nadu and post the garrisons of his own troops to
protect it. He also promised that he would grant to Ellama-
raju the town of Siddhavatam together with the terrritory
attached to it as amaram provided that he effected its conquest.
Accordingly Matla Ellamaraja accompanied the Raya's army,
and marched to Dtukur, where Kondraju Tirupatiraju, the
governor of Siddhavatam slma^ was then residing. When he
attempted to enter Utukur, he came into conflict with Kondraju
Tirupatiraju who was, however, killed in the battle that was
fought outside the precincts of the village. Having posted a
garrison in the fort, Ellamaraja pursued the followers of
Tirupatiraju who were fleeing the country by three different
routes, going to Poli, Neladalur, and Kondur respectively. He
succeeded in overtaking them before they crossed the frontier
and put them all to the sword either at Poli, Kondur or
Neladalur. The portion of the enemy's army fleeing by the
Pottapi road, unable to resist his attack took refuge in the Niru
Hills in the north of Pottapi. This account of Ellamaraja's
pursuit of the enemy is based upon the laudatory verses which
the Bhats composed in memory of his victory.
Tirumalaraja, the younger brother of Matla Ellamaraja,
proceeded at the head of an army to Cennur, put to death
Kondrajti Venkatadriraja, who was governing the place as the
deputy of Kondraju Tirupatiraju, and took possession of it.
He conquered next the districts of Kamalapuram, Duwiir,
Poruuaamilla, Baddevolu, and reduced the estates of the manne
chiafe and the palems to subjection. While engaged in a war
Tirumalaraja met his death. In the poem